Nowadays, business needs more speed to be competitive, process optimization to be efficient, development time to be innovative and free finance to be sustainable. It is precisely for the benefit of all these processes that the idea to create the one-of-a-kind BigArena Fulfillment Center in Bulgaria was born.


Daniel Tityukov is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the field of import and online trading. His interest in business dates back to his teenage years when he was a graduate of the elite Danube International School, Austria. In the past seven years, he has been successfully developing a company that offers direct imports of products from Asia, as well as wholesale and retail throughout Europe. Thanks to his resourcefulness, perseverance and incessant longing for development, at the beginning of 2018, he was able to realize his largest project to date – the BigArena Fulfillment Center.

The spirit of the team at BigArena Fulfillment Center 

At BigArena Fulfillment, teamwork is at the heart of the business. Without valuable people, no matter what kind of technology we use in our services, we could not do our job properly. What we do not compromise on is what kind of employees work for us. Although we come from different directions and have different interests, the basis of our bond is that we are all dreamers, but not the type of idle dreamers. We love to achieve our goals! Each member of the BigArena Fulfillment team has proven over time that he or she has the potential to evolve and the ambition to deliver results. The best part is that, despite many years of working together, we are always able to surprise each other with something new and thus keep our creativity alive.

What we are most proud of is that we are probably a precedent company, as not a single employee has ever expressed a wish to retire. As unconventional as it may sound for business, we have a lot of trust and love.

The recipe for success

Our basic rule is to never forget that there are people behind every business. We always strive to look through their eyes, to look into their needs and ultimately to find the solution, namely “I win – you win!”. Our experience in practice has enabled us to implement our knowledge in order to eliminate the potential for error by our customers. That is how we are most useful, loyal and effective to them.


By helping the overall progress of online commerce, we believe that our service will become a leading factor for the country’s economic growth.

How to send a request to the BigArena Fulfillment Center team?: send your inquiry in the Contacts section.

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